Cashless Britain advances

Britain has passed another milestone on the path to a cashless society, with 2015 the first year that cash was used for less than half of all payments by consumers. …(read more)

UK banks face $2.9bn loss to mobile apps

British banks could lose at least £1.45 billion ($2.68 billion) in payments revenue within the next few years as retailers develop revolutionary mobile apps for people to shop and bank at the same time. …(read more)

Contactless in Europe hit 3 bln mark

The number of contactless transactions made in Europe over the last 12 months hit the 3 billion mark, nearly tripling from the year before, according to data from Visa. European consumers used their cards 360 million times in April alone. …(read more)

Android Pay set for imminent UK launch

Popular fast food chain Pret A Manger now accepts Android Pay, according to tags on payment terminals in one of its London outlets, suggesting an imminent launch of the mobile payment service in the UK. …(read more)

MasterCard and mobile loyalty integration

MasterCard is bidding to develop a standard technical specification to ease the integration of retailer loyalty programmes with bank-issued mobile payments apps…(read more)

Is Cash Dead?

Apple CEO Tim Cook is making another bold prediction about money. He’s telling university students that their future children will be totally unfamiliar with the concept of cash…(read more)


We currently have vacancies for 2 full time employed field service engineers in Crawley…(read more) and Southampton…(read more)

Apple Pay: How will it work in the UK?

The world’s most valuable company has extended its mobile wallet service Apple Pay to the UK, making it the first country outside the US to get the facility…(read more)

Contactless transactions break the 1 billion mark

Total contactless spending over the year came in at €12.6bn (£9bn), with €1.6bn of that in March alone – three times higher than the amount spent in March 2014…(read more)

Apple Pay transactions will be capped at £20, banks admit

Most payments using the new Apple Pay system will be limited to £20 when it launches in the UK in July, the BBC understands. Major UK banks, apart from Barclays, have announced they will offer the new system. So too will many retailers…(read more)